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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ultrasound?


Ultrasound is a high frequency sound wave not audible to human ears. While Radio waves are measured in Hertz, ultrasound is in Megahertz. Since sound travels faster and farther in water, it works well in the human body because we contain a lot of fluid - the unborn child lives within a sac of amniotic fluid which makes visibility fantastic!


What's the difference between 3D & 4D Ultrasound?


With 2D, we see the standard black & white 2-dimensional images we are all familiar with. These images are not dependant on baby position. 3D introduces another dimension that allows us to see a clearer picture of facial features. It is highly dependent on the position the baby is in during the scan. 4D is the live performance of the baby's movements in black/white AND may be recorded in a digital file for later viewing. 


Why should I have a Diagnostic Ultrasound before I book in with First Glimpse?


The Diagnostic Ultrasound ordered by your Physician is important in determining fetal well-being. It is a medical exam. When you come for entertainment, parents and guests already know the baby is alive and healthy. An entertainment ultrasound suppliments a diagnostic ultrasound by providing parents and guests a positive viewing experience.  It's more than 3D imaging or gender reveal; it's a bonding experience.

Are these services safe?

Radio waves can create pleasant sounds, such as music. It doesn't hurt us unless the volume is turned up too high. Ultrasound is just a higher frequency sound wave that we can't "hear." All Ultrasound Equipment is manufactured to safely control the power output. In the hands of an experienced operator, great care is taken to use ultrasound responsibly so as to safeguard the normal development process of the baby. 

Is there a preferred time frame during my pregnancy for 3D & 4D ultrasounds?

The best viewing time for 2D and 4D Ultrasound is between 14 weeks to 35 weeks of pregnancy. The 3D image is best obtained between 24 to 34 weeks. 

When can I book for a gender reveal appointment?

The most common time to identify gender is between 18 and 24 weeks of pregnancy. It can be visualized later in pregnancy pending the baby's position, but most parents want the gender sooner than later. 

What can I expect when I visit First Glimpse for the first time?

This is one of the most exciting events parents can ever share. Our service provides the opportunity to bond with your baby before the actual birth. You can choose to discover the gender together, with special guests via an on-line video conference session or in person, or you can allow the gender to remain a surprise until delivery day.  If your desire is to find out at a Gender Reveal party, you can designate someone of your choosing to know the secret. The viewing room has a cozy ambiance with an attached playroom for small family members in attendance.

Can I bring family with me?

Partners are very welcome to attend the viewing. There is also room for two additional guests.  Young children are excited to be included, but due to the complexity of 2D, 3D and 4D images, they often get restless. Our playroom is within eyesight of parents or other adult guests. 

What about the family that don’t live in the area?

An on-line video conference session is available for live viewing by distant guests. The process to set this up can be discussed at the time of booking appointment. 

What if the gender or 3D image is unobtainable?

If the sonographer can't determine either the gender or get an appropriate 3D picture of the face, it is typically due to baby's position.   The sonographer will discuss options during the visit with the client.  


Whether you're looking for newborn items, a little pampering for yourself, or childcare (as that can sometimes take up to a year to arrange), I've put together a list of great local friends, shops and amazing resources that will assist you in getting ready for your newest addition! I've also included some online links to great materials, books and magazines - and I'll be adding to this list, so check back often! 

Our Favourite RESOURCES - In the Area






  • YOGA -


  • Nathan Walker @TIMBERLEA BMO: Start saving early for baby's education


  • Thai Nanny Network in Ft McMurray: Start planning for back to work child care.



Our Favourite Resources - Online




Please NOTE: Our services are non-diagnostic and intended entirely for entertainment purposes. We recommend that all clients undergo their physician diagnostic ultrasound before their first visit to First Glimpse. 

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