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I'm a Registered Sonographer (ARDMS) with over 35 years of experience and I'm thrilled to provide First Glimpse 3D/4D Ultrasound Ltd. to Ft McMurray. Using highly advanced medical imaging technology, I provide expecting parents with the unique experience of viewing their unborn baby. This includes a live-scan session on a large monitor, 5 to 6 pictures and digital images that will be emailed to you, and gender reveal if requested.


I invite the pregnant woman and up to four additional guests to join in the viewing experience. For those unable to attend or extra family members, an on-line video conference session for remote viewing can be included.


I look forward to sharing this First Glimpse with you!


About Continued...

Please NOTE: Our services are non-diagnostic and intended entirely for entertainment purposes. We require that all clients undergo their physician diagnostic ultrasound before their first visit to First Glimpse. 

Judy Christensen

Owner & Sonographer


I am a qualified Registered Sonographer (ARDMS) with 35 years of experience in the diagnostic field of ultrasound. During my years of scanning pregnant women and interacting with them and their families, one thing became very clear: many parents experienced and felt that the medical test was highly stressful, and they came away feeling disappointed due to a lack of bonding time with their unborn baby.


For many years I have believed that the medical ultrasound test and the parent viewing experience should be separate. The medical exam is crucial to assist with managing the pregnancy and delivery. The viewing should be in a relaxed space with time for bonding; an experience to be savored, enjoyed, shared with loved ones, and not rushed, which is exactly why First Glimpse came to be.


Plan ahead for a great and special experience and know that I’m here to provide you with an extended, high quality (non-diagnostic) viewing experience that will not disappoint. 


AND… all right here in Ft. McMurray! No long trip down to Edmonton or Calgary. I can accommodate the partner, and three additional guests in the scan room to join in the viewing together. For those unable to attend or extra family members, an on-line video conference session for remote viewing can be included. Quality images will be printed and the whole exam will be emailed to you digitally.


One of my greatest joys has been, first to see the miracle of “life before life,” and second, to have the privilege of seeing the tears of joy on parents’ faces when they see their unborn baby for the first time. I have had the best “job” ever!


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