First Glimpse is the premier 2D, 3D & 4D pregnancy ultrasound services in Fort McMurray. Book an appointment today to see your unborn baby in real-time and/or in three dimensional images!


Please NOTE:

Our services are non-diagnostic and intended entirely for entertainment purposes. We recommend that all clients undergo a physician diagnostic ultrasound before their first visit to First Glimpse. 


I'm a Registered Sonographer (ARDMS) with over 28 years of experience and I'm thrilled to be bringing First Glimpse 3D/4D Ultrasound Ltd. to Ft McMurray. Using highly advanced medical imaging technology, I provide expecting parents with the unique experience of viewing their unborn baby. This includes a live-scan session on a large monitor, digital pictures and some in print, and gender reveal if requested.


I invite the pregnant woman and up to three additional guests to join in the viewing experience. For those unable to attend or extra family members, an on-line video conference session for remote viewing can be included.


I look forward to sharing this First Glimpse with you!


Please NOTE: Our services are non-diagnostic and intended entirely for entertainment purposes. We recommend that all clients undergo their physician diagnostic ultrasound before their first visit to First Glimpse. 



At First Glimpse, we offer packages designed to provide expectant parents the ultimate viewing experience.

Our services include 2D/3D ultrasound viewing in real-time. See your baby’s heartbeat during the session and hear it if you are +20 weeks. Get baby's gender revealed if requested. Take home the digital ultrasound images and maybe some video of your bonding experience that you can see and share. We include a few printed images you can put in baby's book and save forever!


Please see below for package options!


At First Glimpse, we provide you with the incredible opportunity to see your unborn baby in real-time and using three dimensional imagery. Bond with your baby when you book in for one of our packages, perfectly designed for your specific requirements.  


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FIRST GLIMPSE Gift Certificates are also available for purchase - please inquire for further information! 

                VIEWING PACKAGE

  • 20 minute 2D Movement Ultrasound

  • 2D digital images

  • 3 Printed 2D Images in Black & White

  • See Your Baby's Heart Beating

NO GENDER Reveal -     

No Hearing Heartbeat    

                 GENDER PACKAGE

  • 30 minute scan 2D with movement

  • 2D digital images and video

  • 4 Printed '2D' Images in Black & White

  • See Your Baby's Heart Beating

  • Hear Your Baby's Heart  > 20 weeks

  • Gender Reveal (if requested)

  • Add 4D Video to your package $50

(Gender 18 - 26 Weeks)


  • includes ~45 min scanning of 2D/3D/4D Ultrasound

  • 2D digital images; 3D digital images; 2D movement video

  • 1-2 printed '3D' and 4 printed images in Black & White

  • See & Hear Your Baby’s Heart Beating

  • Includes Gender Reveal or Confirmation -If Requested

  • Add 4D Video to your package $50

(26 - 32 Weeks)


  • TWO (~45 min each!) Viewing Sessions of the Same Pregnancy.

    • First Visit Between 18 and 25 Weeks ( 2D and 4D imaging)

    • Second Visit Between 26 and 32 weeks (2D / 3D / 4D imaging)

    • Allows 1 free scheduled re-take if baby's position prevents a 3D facial image.

  • 4-8 printed images for each visit

  • 2D and 4D Digital Movement Video of Each Session

  • See and Hear Your Baby's Heart Beating. 

  • Gender Reveal (if requested)

(18 - 25 Weeks) & (26 - 32 Weeks)


  • Follow Your Pregancy in 2D/3D/4D with FOUR Ultrasound Sessions

  • includes 2D & 3D digital images & 2D/4D VIDEO for EACH visit

    • Session 1: 14- 17 Weeks Gestation

    • Session 2: 18-22 Weeks Gestation

    • Session 3: 23-26 Weeks Gestation

    • Session 4: 27-32 Weeks Gestation​


Address: 114 Bridgeport Inn

10021 Biggs Ave. Ft McMurray, AB


Telephone: 780.799.1642


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